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Tramco has moved!

Tramco has moved to 8901 Quality Road, Bonita Springs, FL, 34135, inside the Global Tech LED building.

Bigger and Better Than Ever

Our new location in Bonita Springs has given us 6x the showroom space and an enormous warehouse for stock purposes. What does this mean for you? With Tramco able to handle the quantity of stock that we can now keep on hand, you, as our valued customer, will notice better pricing, speedier service, and an overall greater ability for us to rapidly complete any large projects you or your company may have.

Have a large project coming up? Feel free to call us in advance, so we can bring everything needed to meet your goals right into our new warehouse until you are ready for installation. There is no project to big for us!

LED Lines Expanded!

LED products have begun a steep slide towards lower prices, eliminating the sticker shock of a few years ago. With markets worldwide trending downwards, as well as the cost of manufacturing LEDs, along side the improved efficiency (lumens per watt), has allowed us to expand our LED offerings.

Tramco now carries LED products from the following quality brands.

-Global Tech LED

We now have an LED to replace ANY lights you may have, including CFLs, HIDs, Linear Fluorescents (4FT T8 Tubes, etc), Flood Lights... the list goes on.

Let us pick the right LED for your needs, we will even walk you through the savings and show you just how much money you will save within a YEAR!

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